Service You Can Count On

  • Dedicated service that starts well before the inspection and continues until well after.
  • Full time office staff that is readily available and makes report and invoice requests and other record-keeping easy.
  • Inspectors who are available to answer your questions, anytime, before and even well after our visit to your home.

Experience You Can Trust

  • Inspectors with decades of combined experience in residential and commercial inspections as Nevada licensed Master, General, and Residential Inspectors and Principal Pest Inspectors.
  • Services of established, licensed and insured contractors and specialists are available to go beyond the scope of the typical inspection service.

Reports You Can Understand

  • Delivered the next business day, our reports provide clear, informative, well-categorized write-ups that are easy to read and understand, with large annotated photos, and no confusing checklists.







Grush Inspections, LLC is a family-owned business with decades of combined experience, and we take our inspections seriously.

We provide quality service and expertise you can count on.

No one else offers you our wide range of inspections and services with one phone call: residential, commercial, pest, heating, air conditioning, fireplace, sewer line, wood stove — we’ve got it covered.

We identify costly defects before you buy. Our reports are comprehensive, and easy to understand. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, seasoned property owner or investor, we provide an impartial assessment of the property, and direct you to specialists for detailed estimates.

If you’re selling, we provide reports that accurately summarize your property’s condition to prospective buyers, minimizing surprises during escrow.

Who you choose as an inspector is an important decision, and we’re confident we can earn your business. As a Better Business Bureau Accredited company, let us prove to you that we are Northern Nevada’s most trusted inspection agency.

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